Your Dream Home, Perfected.
by Rolf Blakstad
Luxury. Tranquility. Healing.
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Unlock Your Dream Home Potential

Embark on a Stock Plan Journey. Benefit from the expertise of world-renowned architect Rolf Blakstad, whose timeless designs ensure architectural excellence and aesthetic appeal. Begin Your Journey with Our Exclusive Stock Plans.

Arrive and Expand yourself

Experience the transformative power of living in Rolf Blakstad’s temple-like houses through our exclusive Stock plans. Embrace a harmonious sanctuary crafted by Ibiza’s renowned architect, where healing and serenity intertwine. 

Your private Sanctuary

Discover our extraordinary Stock plans, meticulously designed to create properties to reconnect. Immerse yourself in a sanctuary that harmonizes architectural excellence with transformative living experiences. Villa Vedra is our first Stock house floor plan.

Stock Plans by Rolf Blakstad

Unlock the transformative power of Rolf Blakstad’s Stock plans, merging his design expertise with the essence of Ibiza. Step into a sanctuary where architectural splendor nurtures your well-being and fulfills your dreams.

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